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BBB Accreditation is a privilege shared by nearly 8,000 businesses and charities in the BBB of Denver/Boulder’s 12-county service area. These organizations have shown they’ve met and agreed to maintain high ethical standards set by the BBB, and are recognized as trustworthy and honorable establishments with which to work.

Each accredited business pays an annual due, which supports the BBB’s many free services to the public and monitoring activities. In addition to supporting the BBB’s mission, BBB Accredited Businesses enjoy an array of benefits to help them grow, improve and reach their business goals.

If you are interested in BBB Accreditation, contact the BBB via the form provided and a BBB Business Development Representative will connect with you and help you with the accreditation process.

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Merrill MillerLandmark Garages
"We have gotten leads from the BBB and have almost doubled our volume in the past year."
Chris WeisPro-Serve, LLC
"I was initially skeptical about joining the BBB, but my accreditation has already paid for itself several times over. I always survey my customers and they are telling me they are finding me on the BBB website."
Gary CoxNorthglenn Tax Service, Inc.
"If we had known how much new business the BBB would bring us, we would have become members 33 years ago. The truth is, we appreciate what you do to help the public find businesses that they can trust regardless of the new business you provided us last year. Keep it up. You provide a great service."